Connect with your audience through success stories that speak directly to their needs and aspirations, inspiring trust and brand advocacy through relatable and compelling narratives.
Increase the impact of participating customers.
Maximize content production from just a couple of hours of interviewing. Our content suite provides you with original video, photos, blog articles, social media posts, e-books, ads, and more to support any channel, activity, or effort.
Create better engagement around your case studies.
Creativity and EdTech expertise foster an inviting and intimate conversation led by an expert, resulting in standout content and assets that engage audiences. From individual customer spotlights to online documentaries, print and digital books, we can tailor interview opportunities to inspire your next content-based success.
Reach high-potential prospects and leads.
We designed Spotlights with this in mind. By moving away from the traditional case study mindset, you can use Spotlight-related interactions to accelerate your pipeline, support thought leadership, retain customers, and much more.
Julio Parra
Build your product messaging around real user/customer benefits, not technical features.
Distill what truly matters to your customers and users through insightful and in-depth interviews, which serve as the starting point to creating our signature customer spotlights.
Get customers excited to participate in case studies.
Increase participation. Make your customers feel valued and appreciated with a dedicated on-site film crew and a proven customer spotlight invitation process.

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